On Block Rewards for Miners — Aion

  • Proof-of-Work timestamp can’t be enforced, there is no protocol level check (outside of simple bounds checks) that force a miner to timestamp honestly within those bounds.
  • Heuristic-based checks are too rigid to adapt to large fluctuations in the network, and often lead to nasty corner cases.
  • b = 4.5 AION (the static block issuance)
  • T = the target block time (10 seconds)
  • k = the slope of the curve, for which we arrived at k=0.4
  • The attacker is punished accordingly, adopting +1 timestamping means artificially decreasing block rewards, and earns 60% of what they were earning before.
  • The rest of the network is rewarded for timestamping correctly in the presence of +1 timestamping behaviour. As in the presence of higher block times, the payout of each block is more than the static 4.5 AION.
  • The net issuance over a longer period of time (assuming we reach the target block time) is unchanged.
  • As this is a hardfork change (block rewards cannot be changed otherwise), all mining pools and miners should update to the latest Aion Java Kernel implementation (v1.6).
  • Mining pools should update their Aion Pool 3 software to the latest version (v0.1.2) to account for varying block rewards in their payouts.



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