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Aion Oct 26 . 2 min read

We are excited to announce the launch of the Moves Crypto alpha test today.

Moves Crypto represents a vision for a new smart contract system and web interface that we hope will one day be a component in a quasi-decentralized financial system for gig workers. The alpha test of Moves Crypto is a key component of our approach to decentralizing important aspects of the emerging gig worker economy.

Our long-term vision for Moves Crypto is to act as a double-sided marketplace for borrowers and lenders. The intent of the alpha test is to determine the interest in our long-term vision, gather feedback, and identify any improvements that can be made.

To that end, the alpha test is intended to uncover:

  • The functionality of our smart contracts

During the alpha test, Moves will contact participants to receive their feedback on their experience with the alpha system, potential improvements, what they would do differently in a future commercial system operating along similar lines, their likelihood of using a similar system (that does not have the no risk of loss like this alpha test), and other specific feedback.

The basic functionality of the alpha prototype is that in exchange for locking up Aion and/or USDT for 90 days and providing the above feedback, participants will have their crypto returned at the end of the alpha, with a stipend (2% up to $100 USD). Moves will retain Aion and USDT on-chain, whereas the long-term vision would be to convert and lend these out as fiat to independent workers.

For those of you who have been following our progress over the last few months, please note that the alpha test is not an alpha of the full Moves Crypto system. We have released a number of videos and write-ups of our plans but the alpha test covers just some of the overall. Expect the actual product to differ a fair bit when we launch in 2021 and please carefully read the terms of the alpha test. Most importantly: the alpha test is not a test of loan functionality and none of the crypto transferred to the smart contracts will be used for the Moves ecosystem (i.e. we will not be using it for loans or any other purpose — it is just a test).

We look forward to working with the community to bring Moves Crypto to market.

Join the Alpha test now!

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