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2 min readDec 11, 2020


Aion Nov 13 . 2 min read

On December 16th we will be rolling out a mandatory hardfork to the Aion Network. This hardfork includes updates and improvements to resolve issues that the network has been facing as well as improve performance.

Two significant changes to the Kernel protocol are an update to the block signer (V1.2), which will add a permanent improvement to a hotfix rolled out earlier this year, and an adjustment to Proof of Work block rewards based on blocktime. This will solve the swing mining issue that we’ve seen with miners by providing a block reward that is tied to the amount of time it takes to mine a block. The longer it takes to mine a block the greater the reward, while the quicker a block is added the lower the reward.

Additionally this hardfork will provide enhancements to the network in reducing system resource usage and improving performance. The following bug fixes will also be rolled out:

  • FastVM delegate call failed in callback #1144 #1154
  • estimateTxNrg and callConstant incorrect #1145
  • client API block submit fail #1148
  • Hashrate calculation incorrect #1156

Tied to this update is an update to the Aion Mining Pool software Aion Pool 3 (v0.1.2) this provides an update that will recognize the new block rewards system. The hardfork block height is 7441441 and estimated time will be at 10am EST Dec 16


- Kernel build release Date

- Amity Network Hardfork Date

- Mainnet Network Hardfork Date

Kernel update (version 1.6.1): https://github.com/aionnetwork/aion/releases/tag/v1.6.1
Block Signer (version 1.2): https://github.com/aionnetwork/block_signer/releases/tag/1.2
Aion Pool 3 (v0.1.2): https://github.com/aionnetwork/aion_pool3/releases/tag/0.1.2

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