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Aion Apr 28 . 2 min read

We’re excited to announce today that we’ll be returning to Consensus NYC for the third year in a row.

The main focus of our one-hour virtual session will be highlighting If you haven’t been following us closely, we launched the first version of Moves to help address the COVID-19 crisis in Ontario which provides $2500 loans to rideshare drivers and food couriers. We’ve already had amazing initial feedback from our first group of loan recipients in Ontario and we’re planning to expand geographically across North America Moves, our newest Open App that provides millions of gig workers with greater freedom, flexibility, and control over their earnings. this year.

Moves is currently available for rideshare and food couriers who use platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and Doordash. As part of our vertical strategy we’ll expand into other platform markets such as Amazon Flex, TaskRabbit, and Handy to fulfill our mission to support the ongoing progress and social mobility of independent workers.

As Matt mentioned in his latest Reddit AMA, the future of Moves will include the creation of an alternative financial reputation system for freelance and independent workers. This system could act as an alternative to a credit score and could also be used for group insurance programs, savings plans, and retirement plans. This financial reputation will live on The OAN and will be secured and powered by Aion.

Our session will also include details on our evolution to The Open Application Network and our focus on solving the unintended consequences of platforms.

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